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November 16, 2020

Case Study 5 – Strong Locking Force Spring Linear Lock


Being a professional manufacturer as well as a solution provider, we are very well aware that no any invention in the world comes easy. Our major product, the mechanical lock, is considered as an assistive part of customers’ applications. Most critical and essential requirement towards our products is to remain smooth linear positioning and secure locking under all circumstances of normal usage of the appliances. We would say that the ideal installation of the spring stopper adjuster relative to the application is straight up and down or in horizontal motion.

It is common to apply a mechanical lock to make the tiller of an electric scooter adjustable according to the height of the user. Comparing to the electric wheelchair, the electric mobility scooter is designed for outdoor use and tend to be better suited to people who are mostly able-bodied with good trunk and arm strength to maintain their position comfortably over long periods of time. For some trendy design, the mobility scooter comes with the features of lightweight, foldable into the boot of the car, and/ or heavy-duty road-worthy. To do that, the mechanical lock of the tiller, which is assembled and positioned at an angle, has to be securely locked during transporting the people with various levels of reduced mobility. Any unexpected slide caused by vibrations could make the user feel anxious.

There is a diverse range of mobility aids available in the market and each design requires adding extra touch of loving and caring. Keep those elements in mind, the safety of the potential end users continuously pushes our mechanical linear locking device upgraded to the next level. All kinds of challenges are welcome.

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