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December 16, 2020

Case Study 6 – Rehab Stroller

mechlok for assistive device

One said that every newborn baby is the most precious and blessed gift from god. From time to time, quite a few children require extra care and have special needs from parents. Every individual is a unique existence of this world so is his/ her needs.

Rehab pushchairs are an essential part in children-centered care and designed specially to fulfill the needs of children with disabilities. In general, the rehab stroller is different from a standard baby stroller in terms of its functionality, resilience and, to a degree, its appearance. Quite often, the adaptive strollers provide children, who are disabled or experience mobility issues, with the opportunities to explore the world around them while keeping them both safe and comfortably supported. Among all essential features, the tilt/ recline-in-space functions, flexibility, and diversity are often taken into consideration while choosing the special needs stroller. Our product – the spring stopper adjuster, also known as the mechanical lock, is happened to be the perfect solution. This linear locking device makes the adjustment possibilities within the travel range so that one would not need to struggle between any two sections and securely locked at any point stopped.

The game-change features such as complex positioning, various size & weight supporting, and ergonomic & grows with the kids could be easily achieved by adapting the mechanical lock while designing the special needs stroller. If you could grant us a chance and forward us your requirements, you would be very surprised at the additional benefits created by our tailored linear locking device to your excellent design; just like most of our current customers. Please feel free to contact us.

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