Since 1978, FOGIM has always been the leading manufacturer of the industry in Taiwan.

Free your products, make them perfect!

Our products always play the key role in the devices and the performance would influence user experience directly. As a result, we particularly attach importance to stability and durability to ensure the positioning mechanism run safely and smoothly.

FOGIM – Your strongest support

We started the mass production of gas spring in 1978 and moved on to mechanical lock manufacturing in 1988 which requires higher techniques. We own more than 40 years experience in the linear positioning mechanism. The sharing of professional knowledge between us and our customers has made us keep improving on both manufacturing procedure and the smoothness of communication.

Based on these valued intangible assets, we are confident to provide the comprehensive services from high quality products to good purchasing experiences to every customer.

Dedicate to any possibility

Started from general gas spring, our R&D team keeps improving to diversify linear adjusting parts. Currently, our products have been used on medical equipment, fitness equipment, assistive devices, stretchers and chiropractic therapy bed. As the leader manufacturer in Taiwan, we are still developing many new possibilities.

FOGIM product series