October 22, 2021

A Cog in A Machine

A cog in a machine/ system is often cited as a metaphor that the individual is functionally necessary but of small significance or importance within a larger operation or organization. This term alludes that that every piece of cog has to be well engaged to each other in order to transmit motion. To activate a machine to do its wonder, each single component matters and one shall go well with another. In some way, the parts we manufactured seem to play the role as a cog within the whole equipment. Over the years, what has encouraged us continuously moving forward on product comprehensive upgrades is learning the infinite possibilities of the applications integrated.

From time to time, some would say that the quality of a cog or parts would not make much of impact on performance of the system/ machine as a whole since it does not share significant importance. This leads to a frequently asked question – the parts have pretty much the same appearances as others and provide similar services to the applications but priced differently. WHY? By looking behind the innovation and digging into the specifications of components, the answer is usually revealed with the evaluation results.

We are much honored to be part of great designs and very touched to learn how people and/ or their life are benefited from the products.