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July 19, 2021

Case Study 8 – Secret Room Compartment in Car

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced a lot of people cancel or postpone their international travel plans. Recently, as vaccinations are picking up, restrictions and travel bans imposed to slow down the transmission of Covid-19 pandemic will be eased soon. After being at home for some period of time, many people begin to realize the importance of experience nature and spending time outdoors with family and love ones.

It seems like that every travel-related decision is the calculus of risk. As restrictions of epidemic alert loosen, camping has inherited the popular belief that it is the safest type of vacation with love ones including pets. Over the years, the camp vans have transformed into luxury home on wheels, furnished with modern conveniences and home-like comforts. By making advantages out of the side-way movement, the hidden compartment storages make it possible to hold things in easily accessible places and create room in the confined space so that people could move around without any trouble.

One of the most outstanding advantages that the spring stopper adjuster has is to move freely in linear mode and lock at any point firmly within the travel distance. Because of that, the side-way movement is creatively used to transfer the compartment storages, bedding, and kitchen facilities into much compact form.

For anyone being interested with making what a traditional house basically has into a camp van, hope our spring stopper adjuster could be some help of stimulating creative ideas, inspiring innovations, and impacting on designs. If you would like to know about the parts, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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