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September 24, 2020

Case study 2 – Gas Spring Stopper

One said that life is made up of an infinite amount of choices. Not all decisions are consequential; however, some are tough to make. At most of time, people may feel a lot of hangs in the balance or only few limited options available or even no choice at all. For someone dares to dream big or used to think outside the box boldly, the creative force inspires new possibilities to choose.

More often, to make decision between two seemingly equally important options could be very overwhelming. What if there is third option to make the best out of the two and surpass the sum of its individual performance?

Here comes the mechanical lock and gas spring; one does not have strut force while another may slightly lose locking force after using a period of time. Every now and then, we have received quite a number of request/ feedbacks and begun to research the possibilities adding some strut force to the spring stopper adjuster for light weight operation. After devoting enormous amount of time and efforts, our patented product, gas spring stopper, is invented possessing the advantages of both spring stopper adjuster and gas spring.

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