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September 24, 2020

Case Study 3 – Stainless Steel Spring Stopper Adjuster

Stainless steel gas spring has been in widespread use for a variety of bathroom or outdoor applications. It provides increased corrosion‐resistance in humid environments in a rainy day, showering or unexpected liquid splash. As a professional who engages in mechanical lock with great competence, we are inspired and wonder why not to make the first stainless steel spring linear lock in the world? Having great expectations from our worldwide customers, we did take up the challenge and then came up the one and only 100% stainless steel spring linear lock in the world!

Our stainless steel spring linear lock, called SS spring stopper adjuster, has been subjected to over 96 hours of salt spray testing. It is made of 304 and 420 Stainless Steel which makes it the perfect choice wherever humid conditions or environments are a concern. Specially‐prepared SS components and parts from the inside out. Providing protection against high levels of corrosion while still being capable of load capacity of 500kg without sacrificing functionality.

Ideally suited for use in applications such as bath chairs, wheelchairs, assistive equipments, and strollers, etc. There are some constant dimensions for our SS spring stopper adjuster and such a level of available options may not be sufficient to meet all the anticipated requirements currently. Nevertheless, custom designed to your application is always our top priority. Just feel free to throw down the gauntlet to us!

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