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January 18, 2021

Case Study 7 – Rehabilitation Lifting Equipment

While mentioning about medical assistive equipment, most people tend to focus more on empowering mobility of the patient and/ or the elders. Nowadays, there are quite a number of researches and studies found that the caregivers desire just about equal attention for the benefits of both parties.

Hospitals have traditionally been the center of the healthcare universe. There are licensed medical personnel around to perform immediate treatment and skilled care. Also, hospitals are well facilitated with wide range of sophisticated and expensive equipment for medical use. However, for those are in stable condition and rehabilitation patients, they prefer home care services rather than being in the hospitals. In general, people tend to feel warm, cozy and relaxed at home, which is good for health recovery. It’s commonly seen that the caregivers feel like they need to do everything on their own when caring for someone with limited mobility; then, exposed to great risk of being injured. For instance, back injuries are some of the most common problems that caregivers face when performing their daily duties. Therefore, using the right equipment and techniques could not only help to ensure the safety and comfort of the disabled person but also reduce the risk of injury to the caregiver.

During rehabilitation, patients often heavily reply on others to move from the bed to the wheelchair or anywhere desired. At time like this, the rehabilitation lifting techniques and equipment are considered as great tool to make job of caregiver much easier. With help of the correct disability lifting systems, the care-giver could move the patient with light force and ensure the person with limited mobility being safely and conveniently move from one room to another around the home.

Through the ingenious design implementing the mechanical lock into the lift systems, it is to avoid unexpected vibration or rapid rise and sudden fall. Medical lift system such as lift and various hoists not only allow people in need of mobility assistance to enjoy more comfort and independence when they’re moving around a home, but they also make moving and handling residents much easier for caregivers. Without the right tool, for those with mobility issues, something as apparently simple as getting in and out of bed would be dangerous for all people involved.

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