January 7, 2021

Announcement for Change of Company Name

To valued business partners and potential customers,

Year 2020 has been a year full of challenges and uncertainties; yet, a bright whole
new year comes. Over the years, Mr. Li, the sole owner of FOGIM, has carried the
company moving forward and made quite a number of tough and critical decisions
along the way. With support of many others, our company keeps growing and
expanding at steady path.

Few year ago, FOGIM ENTERPRISE CORPORATION has set up a division to handle its
sales, marketing, customer services, etc. Since Jan. 2021, the division is officially
changed its name to PROK CO., LTD in order to meet the needs of operation and
development. Please be informed that the postal information, contact numbers, and
person in charge remain unchanged. Along with the change of company name, the
effects are minimized to a limit. We will keep up the good services and commit to
improvement on any possible perspectives.

Sorry for any inconveniences this may possibly cause. Hope to work with you towards
brighter and prosperous year 2021 and beyond.


Best regards,