April 21, 2021

About The Lead Time during Post Pandemic

The Convid-19 pandemic poses severe risks to the global economy, but it also presents great opportunities. The sharp shocks caused by the pandemic lead to large structural changes to the world economy and force companies to rethink how they operate.

In early 2020, no one would expect the coronavirus to be so deadly. Before people came to realize, a lot of lives were lost due to infection of the virus. Then, restrictions and bans of close contact and traveling were imposed to stop its spreading and reduce the transmission of disease. This year, 2021, luckily, the vaccine brings a sense of hope and relief even if protocol of keeping social distance and frequent hand-wash become daily new normal.

During the pandemic, a lot of companies were forced to operate with light work force, keep minimal stock, and put projects on hold while coping with the high degrees of uncertainties. For those survived, some manufacturers sense the economy recovery earlier than others as their production has been fully loaded since late last year. As issues like the material shortages, labor availability, and clogged ports come around, the lead time become very unusual and complicated problem.

To solve the problem, we have tried to add more automated machines and equipment for production, set up extra assembly line, and increased inventory level of regularly used components. Customer satisfactory is our primary goal. We would value all chances working with customers and provide the best quality our resources allowed. It will take time to see obvious improvement on the lead time but we are optimistic and confident to have positive results soon.

Thanks all for the great patience. Hope to gain your favorable supports as always.

Best regards,



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