Different Holiday Experience during The Pandemic

The Dragon Boat Festival, that falls on 14th June this year, is one of Chinese traditional holidays with long history for family gathering/ reunion. On that day, there are quite a number of interesting customs and activities such as watching dragon boat races, balancing eggs at noon, having sticky rice dumplings, wearing fragrant sachets, etc., as of celebration and being said to protect from evil and diseases for the rest of the year. Here in Taiwan, we will celebrate the holiday somehow differently this year with family and friends through videos and calls.

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Online Search Optimization

It’s never an easy task to search for any products as what one has in mind without proper wording, especially with language boundaries. Here we are to encourage everyone please shooting us with some key words, brief descriptions, and/ or any positive comments, which are likely used for searching.

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Case Study 7 – Rehabilitation Lifting Equipment

While mentioning about medical assistive equipment, most people tend to focus more on empowering mobility of the patient and/ or the elders. Nowadays, there are quite a number of researches and studies found that the caregivers desire just about equal attention for the benefits of both parties.

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